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Hydrogen Liquefaction System

GF provides customers with 5-30TPD hydrogen liquefaction process packages as
well as solutions for hydrogen long-term storage and long-distance transportation.

Liquid hydrogen is colourless, odourless, transparent low-temperature liquid liquefied by pre-cooling and expansion refrigeration process which cools down the hydrogen gas to -253°C. Liquid hydrogen is the mixture of para-hydrogen (p-H2) and ortho-hydrogen (o-H2). A typical liquefaction plant mainly includes: hydrogen pretreatment system, hydrogen pre-cooling cold box (80K), hydrogen liquefaction cold box (20K), refrigerant circulating system, liquid hydrogen storage system and utility system etc ; GUOFUHEE owns 5-30TPD hydrogen liquefaction process packages and developed key equipment like cold box, hydrogen expander, liquid hydrogen storage tanks etc to provide customers with cutting-edge total solutions.
Technical Parameters
Product Parameter Working Pressure Liquefaction Power Consumption p-H2 Normal Storage Pressure Plant Power Plant Area
10TPD 2~2.6MPa <13Kwh/Kg-LH2 >95% <50KPA 6.8MW 27000 M2
20TPD 2~2.6MPa <11Kwh/Kg-LH2 >95% <50KPA 12.8MW 40000 M2
30TPD 2-5.1MPa ≤10Kwh/Kg-LH2 >95% <50KPA 14.7MW 54000 M2
HGS Project Reference

Hydrogen Liquefaction Projects

Location: Shandong,China

Capacity: 10 Ton per day

This project is for an off-taker in steel industry and it is the first commercial hydrogen liquefaction project in China. With more than 20 years rich experience in LNG equipment field, GF spent 7 years and developed unique LH2 solutions successfully.