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Hydrogen Generation System
HGS system is comprised of Alkaline Water Electrolysis(AWE) electrolysers,Gas-Liquid Separators,Purifcation Systems and Auxiliary Units. The capacity of a Single Stack system is up to 1000 NM3H (5MW).
Hydrogen Liquefaction System
GF provides customers with 5-30TPD hydrogen liquefaction process packages as well as solutions for hydrogen long-term storage and long-distance transportation.
Vehicle-Mounted Hydrogen Supply System
GF provides reasonable reference for different models based on customer's demand, match the optimal design for the customer's solution architecture according to the installation space, range and other vehicle matching requirements for customized design development, and provide intelligent operations with the appropriate configuration of equipment (Internet of Things, Internet of vehicles ) and other services.
Hydrogen Refueling Station System
GF provides scenario-based analysis service for various hydrogen refueling station application,which includes preliminary planning,budgetary proposal,comparative analysis of products selection. Additional service like EPC and smart O&M for hydrogen refueling station etc are also available in selected market.