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Hydrogen Refueling Station System

GF provides scenario-based analysis service for various hydrogen refueling station application,which
includes preliminary planning,budgetary proposal,comparative analysis of products selection. Additional
service like EPC and smart O&M for hydrogen refueling station etc are also available in selected market.

Technical Parameters
Item Value Unit
Compressor Hydraulic Driven
Power 55 KW
Inlet pressure 14~16 Bar
Discharge pressure 500/950 Bar
Capacity 200 Nm3/h
Power 15 KW
Inlet pressure(H35) ≤500 Bar
Inlet pressure(H70) ≤950 Bar
Design pressure(H35) 482 Bar
Design pressure(H70) 950 Bar
Maximum Flow Rate ≤3.6 Kg/min
Measure accuracy ≤ ±1.5 %
Refueling protocol Meet SAE J2601
Accumulator Type | 500/950 Bar
Design pressure 552/1030 Bar
Working pressure 500/950 Bar
Water volume 4.145/0.5 m3
Hydrogen storage capacity ~129.6/~24.2 Kg
*Equipment parameters can be customized based on input pressure and refueling requirements
Block Flow Diagram
HRS Project Reference

700 Bar HRS in Malaysia

Pressure: 700 bar

This is GF's first HRS in overseas market,with daily refueling capacity of 200 kg,700 bar high pressure fast refueling for passenage vehicles and designed with strictest safety standard.

HRS for Beijing Winter Olympic Game

Pressure: 350 bar / 700 bar

GF is the main equipment supplier for the Green winter Olympic Game in Beijing in 2022, including both the hydrogen supply system for FCEV and the 3 stations serving the fleet.

HRS with Biggest refueling capacity in China

Pressure: 350 bar

This station is the biggest HRS Project in China so far to date Aug 2023 with daily refueling capacity of 6000Kg H2.

World's first HRS for FC tram

Pressure: 350 bar

This is the first in the World, a hydrogen refueling station dedicaited to be used for refueling the hydrogen powered FC tram.

All-in-one Integrated HRS

Pressure: 350 bar

This is GF's all-in-one integrated HRS solution with 500 kg daily refueling capacity. This integrated solution features fast depolyment and easier relocation in future.

20+ HRS for Sinopec in China

Pressure: 350 bar / 700 bar

As Sinopec's strategic partner in HRS, GF have supplied more than 20 stations for Sinopec includ-ing the biggest 700 bar HRS in China and the first oil+Hydrogen combined station in China.